We are committed to offering a wide variety of high-quality programs and resources for our clients. We would love to connect with you and support you along your personal journey, not only as our client, but ultimately as a member of our Pathways team.

Teamwork Centered

We believe a strong network of industry-specific “teammates” bolsters our ability to serve our patients in all of the functional ways professional counselors do, while also providing “beyond counseling” recommendations for growth, development and coaching.

Unique Programs

At Pathways we are a team of professionals committed to serving our clients’ individual and specific needs through unique and integrated programming. Our “teamwork” centered philosophy empowers us to work together with dynamic community partnerships.

Beyond Counseling

We understand that sometimes clients may want guidance in specific ways and areas that may extend beyond our counseling services. That’s why we established partnerships with leaders that we recommend for personal, career, spiritual and wellness coaching.


The unique programs our team of passionate, experienced counselors design are patient-directed, creative and evidence-based. Our models are always designed to meet our clients’ individual, needs. As a team, we strive to provide the best integrated model of care.

Meet the Director


Zachory Randall, MS, LPC, LADC-M

I have been a practicing counselor and coach for over 20 years and have experience helping all kinds of entities with a variety of unique issues. Whether my client is an individual struggling with anxiety, a couple in need of marriage counseling, a family dealing with a member working through addiction or even a corporation in need of help with communication; I believe every human experience is unique and every issue an individual or group faces is experienced differently by each person. I am committed to approaching each new client I meet as a unique individual, with their own story and own set of circumstances.

My philosophy is the idea that thinking creates behaviors and behaviors create outcomes. I believe that if you want to change the outcomes of your life you have to start by changing the narratives that create them.


More Info

Pathways has a team of over 20 providers ready to service your mental health needs

UNIQUE Programs & Services WE OFFER



This program is a comprehensive, integrated approach to serving families and children impacted by the trauma of child abuse and neglect. 



This program focuses on recognizing all of the individual needs of its participants wrapped up in one complete care package.



These courses rely on cutting edge cognitive behavioral counseling techniques to deter recidivism in adults who have experienced an arrest.


This service comprises in-home interventions designed to protect, strengthen, help, and restore families. Goals for this program are individualized and designed to prevent further incidents of child abuse or neglect. Whether the direction is reunification or termination, Pathways will be there to closely work with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Our DHS program provides a complete menu of services, including:

  • Representation at all legal staffing and meetings
  • Preparation of court reports and progress reports for all requested events
  • Psych testing with emphasis on trauma diagnosing and effective parenting measures
  • Therapeutic visits with a licensed therapist who will produce reports and assessments


In addition, we offer:

  • In-home service to all of Oklahoma City and its metro area
  • Drug testing program upon request
  • A 12-week Parenting Program at no charge for all parents




Pathways has partnered with The Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and the Oklahoma Health Care Authority to coordinate primary and behavioral health integration, called “Health Home.” This program focuses on recognizing all of the individual needs of its participants wrapped up in one complete care package. This program can be combined with our DHS Preventative Program

Integrated Care Common Program Elements Include:

  • Comprehensive care management
  • Care coordination
  • Health promotion
  • Comprehensive transitional care
  • Individual and family support
  • Referral to community and social support services
  • Use of health information to link services as feasible and appropriate



These courses meet weekly at a variety of times and require a referral from an adult probation program in the state. Please contact our office for times and available classes.



Individuals who receive a DUI are usually required by the OK Department of Transportation to take an assessment. Get the red stamp letter needed to start the process.



Whether you’re traveling, homebound, bringing home a new baby, or prefer the convenience of virtual counseling, therapy has never been more accessible.



We have partnered with a dynamic group of individuals who excel in their fields. Our coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and believe every client is unique.


These assessments are specifically for individuals who have received a DUI. Individuals who receive a DUI are usually required by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to take an assessment.

These assessments help to determine what will be required from an individual to get a red stamp letter needed to start the process of getting their license reinstated.

Pathways assessments refer all services needed for this completion out to other providers in the community. By utilizing other providers Pathways can get the best outcome for clients who need this service.


Use digital communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices to confidentially access services remotely.


Pathways Coaches partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potentials. Our Coaches honor the client as the expert in his or her life and believe every client is creative, resourceful and whole.

Let us help you find your path.


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