“I just feel like for once, I’m being listened to. I know I can be difficult and I have a lot of issues. However, my counselor at Pathways did not run away or give up on me, and I am determined to make the most of his effort to help me.”


“I love Pathways counseling! The counselors truly believe in helping their clients to the fullest extent possible.”


“Pathways saved my life, and my counselor was there for me when I needed it most. Many of my friends avail themselves of the affordable quality service here. A wonderful, very welcoming sort of place.”


“It took only 5 days from the day I called until I was sitting in the counselor’s office ready for my appointment. My session was truly refreshing, and I am kind of really looking forward to next week. Everyone was so polite and got me in at exactly my appointment time.”


“My son who does counseling at Pathways has made so much improvement in self-confidence due to the work he has done and the relationship he has established with his counselor. It has made a positive impact on his personal responsibility and work ethic.”


“Pathways is amazing! I can’t even put into words how much they have helped me. My counselor really listens to me and offers great feedback and advice on ways to deal with things. She gave me so many resources that I can use for the rest of my life. I feel blessed to have found her and had her to talk to during a difficult time in my life. She made me feel so much better and like it was ok to feel what I was feeling and that what I was dealing with was normal. I can’t say enough good and positive things about her, her therapy methods, and Pathways Counseling as a whole for getting me with someone who fit my needs and personality to a tee!”


“Pathways has been a part of my children’s lives for over a year. This place has become such an important part of their well being that we consider them family. I am very grateful for the stability pathways has created for my children. They look forward to going every week.”


“This is my first counseling experience; I’ve been going for about 2 months. My time there has been a wonderful experience. My counselor is easy to talk to. She listens and keeps a tight focus on recovery. I’ve felt blessed to be going here and actually learned that several friends have also been coming here and speak very highly as well.”


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